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Delicious Recipes from the heart of Sudan
Recipe Sudani

Easy to follow authentic recipes from Africa...


Snippets of our Family History
Family History

Some of the highlights from thousands of hours of Dad's research...



BeatBox Greatest Hits

Beatbox Hits

Silky smooth beatboxing tunes for your listening pleasure


  The Rat Chase
Rat Stalked

Riveting diary and footage as the Shannon 7 are invaded by a dirty rat...



Pavlova Recipe

Pavlova Recipe

Dessert doesn't get much better than this!


 Nile River Quiz
Nile Quiz

Test your knowledge on the Nile River Quiz...






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All Sorts Of Curios

This is one of those pages that gives a home to all of those odd things that don't really fit in anywhere else.


Leave the cutlery in the drawer for a night and try one of the Sudanese delicacies from Recipe Sudani offering step by step instructions to whip up many of Sudan's favourites from meat stew on pancakes to sweet pasta nests.


Anywhere there's cooking wouldn't be complete without a Pavlova recipe - that great kiwi summer dessert, invented in New Zealand (don't believe any Australian trying to claim it).


In the Family History section, you'll find snippets of the Tanner family history from dad following thousands of hours of research spanning the globe. Feast your eyes on correspondence from British royalty concerning relatives with dozens of illegitimate children. There are also illustrations, pictures and tales stretching back to the 1700s.


Download lip-smacking good tunes from the line up on the Beatbox Great Hits section. Tracks inspired by Punjab paddocks and herbaceous perennial plants, to name a few, are available exclusively on


For those who can stomach the sight of vermin, follow the drama as rat fever swept through our flat.  Night-view cameras were installed and innovative eradication programmes were implemented, as we honed in on the rodent.  The saga was colourfully diarized by Liam MacLachlan, complimented by intriguing video footage.  


And, if you're feeling really smart, why not take the Nile River Quiz.  Test your knowledge on many interesting facts and trivia about the world's longest river. On the subject of the Nile, there's the Nile Song Lyrics for good measure. 


It's here, all here, so click and enjoy...


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