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The first ever people to paddle from the source of the Blue Nile to the Mediterranean Sea

Paddling the Nile

The first ever paddle down the Blue Nile from source to sea. 5,000km through wild rapids, war zones, crocodile and hippo infested waters, disease, terrorists, guns, arrests; the works...


Living the dream in China

Chinese Adventures

Newly married amongst the neon glow and dumpling vendors as we bumble our way trying to figure out the world's most populous nation at this exciting time in it's history...


Solo winter bicycle trek across Canada

The Great Canadian Bike Trek

23 years old and naive, I set off in the middle of Canada's barbaric winter perched on a woolskin seat-cover peddling solo from one side of Canada to the other...





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Catching the rat

It was a dark age at 8 Shannon as rat fever swept through the flat. The below account was documented by the talented Liam MacLachlan and was originally posted on If you only have time for one video, Day 1: We smell a rat! would be my pick.



The Beginnings

Thursday, July 9


This is dedicated to the plight of shannon street seven as they endeavour to catch the mouse that has been tormenting them.

The story began 3 weeks ago when, during the night, inexplainable gnawings began appearing in fruit and assorted foodstuffs left on kitchen worktops. It soon became obvious that the night time gnoshings were the work of a furry little invader helping himself to whatever he could find. In subsequent days the happy-go-lucky residents began noticing the disturbing appearance of mouse dropping littering their living space; contaminating the sacred zone they call home.



Day 1: We smell a rat!

Friday, July 10


Well, as everyone saw, the first nights catch was unsuccessful...but not a complete loss. Our nemesis was revealed and now we realise we're dealing with a RAT!!
THe footage has shocked all the residents. For some the scurrying in the night and the threat of disease has been too much and has even left several on the brink of a house exodus. So what next for the disturbed domicilles?



Help enlisted

Sunday, July 12


The reinforcement pug dog was brought in to take the rat


Strength in numbers

Monday, July 13


After another week of fruitless hunting the residents of Shannon st continue to crave the long-tailed bounty they so yearn. But just how does one trap vermin that can smell a trap like a bully smells fear. Just what do the Shannon 7 have to do to catch this dirty rat??



Flat exodus

Wednesday, July 15


Today a pulsating chunk was ripped from the heart of 8 Shannon st as seven became five. Yes thats right, Half eaten kiwi fruits and kitchentops saturated in rat urine have become too much for two house members, with both Andrew and Amy being driven from their humble abode. New raw footage demonstrates the anguish spreading through the rat hole and the despair that has decimated the stoical septet. But, as the figthing five mourn their fallen brethen, there is no time to loose!



More Rats in China!


Chinese rats don't now how good they've got it! Massive, mangy Chinese rats, Government rules and rat catching, fresh from China...


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